Real Estate

Transactions: Contracts; Leases; Negotiation and Drafting for Sellers and Buyers; Commercial, Industrial, Manufacturing, Agricultural, and Residential

Development, Land Use and Zoning: Representation and Consultation in the Development Process; Negotiation and Drafting of Development Documents; Negotiation and Drafting of Construction Contracts and Documents; Annexations; Subdivisions; Map Amendments; Special Use Permits; Variances; Public Hearings and Meetings

Associations: Representation of Homeowner and Condominium Associations; Association Governance Matters; Enforcement of Covenants and Bylaws

Disputes: Breach of Contract; Specific Performance; Environmental Disputes; Fraud; Trespass; Adverse Possession; Eminent Domain; Quo Warranto

Construction Law: Representation of Owners, Homeowners, Architects, Contractors, Subcontractors, and Material Suppliers in Construction Disputes in Court, Arbitration, and Mediation; Drafting, Recording, Foreclosure, and Defense of Mechanics Liens on Private and Public Projects; Bond Claims; Breach of Contract; Quantum Meruit; Fraud; Slander of Title